STI Nitro 10

    Nitro 10

    The 10mm fans may be happy to hear they have another pistol option in their favorite caliber.  STI International is now selling the Nitro 10, a 1911-style pistol chambered for the 10mm.

    According to STI, the company received many requests from customers to make a 5″ barrel version of the Perfect 10.  The Perfect 10 is a 1911-type pistol with a 6″ barrel and carries up to 17+1 rounds of 10mm.  In addition to the shorter barrel, the Nitro 10 also differs from the Perfect 10 in capacity:  only 8+1 rounds.

    • caliber: 10mm
    • magazine capacity:  eight rounds
    • barrel length:  5.01″
    • overall length:  8.77″
    • weight:  38.9 ounces (unloaded)
    • MSRP:  $1,514.00

    MSRP on the Nitro 10 is $1,514.  The gun ships with Cocobola grips, STI fixed sights, a curved trigger and a high-ride beavertail grip safety.  The gun has a matte blue finish.

    Richard Johnson

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