A reader writes …

    The photo of the Nichols Guns & Pharmacy store that TFB posted on
    Facebook reminded me of a crazy gun store that I came across a couple
    of years ago!

    In the Spring of 2011, a friend (a fellow TFB reader) and I were
    driving south through Texas heading to a bachelor party weekend on the
    coast. While passing through Schulenburg, TX, a sign for DOUBLE SHOT:
    Liquor and Guns DRIVE THRU caught my attention, and we just had to
    pull in and check it out!

    Unfortunately, this creative business concept apparently hadn’t worked
    out, and the business was already closed. I took the opportunity to
    snap several cell-phone pics of the place, and had all but forgotten
    about them until I saw the Guns & Drugs sign on Facebook today. A
    couple of the better pictures are attached.

    I figured the guys at TFB would get a kick out of this business too,

    2011-04-03 15.04.11 rotated

    Thanks to Michael for the photos and for the laughs.

    Steve Johnson

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