Coming Soon: KSG 12-Gauge Suppressor & Attachments from Red Jacket Firearms

    Red Jacket Firearms (of Sons of Guns fame) had a interesting prototype at SHOTShow 2014. They have been working on a replacement front cap for the Kel-Tec KSG to allow attachment of flash hiders, breaching devices, and most interestingly–a 12-gauge suppressor. The Q/D prototype adds only 9″ , weighs about 26 ounces, and matches the KSG’s frontal profile.

    Talking Lead interviews Red Jacket covering a new Tavor quick-change frontal rail/handguard/light system. To skip direct to the information on the shotgun, Will Hayden of Red Jacket kicks it off at 4:23 with Zach Hall going into the details.  No word on how the suppressor affects shot patterns, dB reduction, expected lifespan, or pricing.



    Rest assured, I will follow-up with them and go hands-on with Red Jacket KSG Q/D system and suppressor at the NRA show in Indianapolis.


    Nathan S

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