Primary Weapon Systems Limited Run of 7.62×39 AR Uppers

    Primary Weapon Systems just announced that they’ll be producing a limited run of MK116 and MK107 uppers chambered in the much more affordable and plentiful 7.62x39mm. PWS is known for their long-stroke piston driven AR-15 rifles and uppers. If the limited run of uppers sell well PWS has said that they may do another run in 2015.


    From the PWS press release:

    We are pleased to announce that due to popular demand, we will be producing a limited run of MK107 and MK116 uppers in 7.62x39mm. These uppers will only be available from your local dealers and we expect them to go very quickly. We will be producing a maximum of 250 uppers total, so we recommend that you get your order into your local dealer as soon as possible.”

    Seeing how well all their other AR rifles and uppers sell I’m sure 250 uppers will go very very quickly. They’ll be available in their Mk116 rifle configuration as well as their MK107 pistol configuration. PWS didn’t specify a retail price for the uppers, but they’re already on their way to dealers.

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