Meprolight M5 Reflex Sight – SHOT Show Optic Preview

    It have been two years since the prototype of the Mepro M5 was appeared at the previous SHOT Show. During SHOT Show 2014, The Mako Group have shown me the production model of the Mepro M5 reflex sight. It has a number of design changes and the final design was certified by the Israeli Defense Forces with extensive field trails.



    The Mepro M5 feature a EOTech-esque large viewing window for achieving the biggest possible field of view. The Mepro M5 is powered by a single AA size battery for 5,000 hour of illumination. The power system has an auto-shutoff mode to conserve battery but it also has an auto resume feature to turn the sight back on. I am assuming that’s with a help of build-in motion sensor.



    The main change is that the sight is now all metal construction instead of having a polymer hood on the prototype. However, I am not so sure about the new wheel shaped switch is an improvement over the flip-lever switch found on the prototype. Mako told me that’s an IDF required design change. The Mepro M5 now comes with a set of low profile QD levers instead of prototype’s simple dual-screw mount.



    The Mepro M5 features a 2 MOA red dot reticle with four levels of brightness control. A unique feature of the Mepro M5 is its ocular window which consist of a single glass prism. This is very different from the typical multiple lens optical design found in majority of the red-dot sights. The optical window on the Mepro M5 seems to be almost clear with just barely noticeable bit of blue color tint.



    The Mako Group is the only authorized distributor of the Meprolight optic in the North American market. Beware of buying any Meprolight sight directly from Israel, which shipping it to the US or Canada can be a violation of the ITAR and other arms importation laws.


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