Safariland Rogers’ Rail Light

    Rogers Rail Light

    Safariland introduced a new, inexpensive option for mounting a white light on your handgun.  The Rogers’ Rail Light mounts to most accessory rails on modern handguns, and is supposed to be easy and fast to put on or take off.

    The Rogers’ Rail Light is designed to work with a Microstream flashlight made by Streamlight.  The Microstream is included in the Rogers’ Rail Light package.

    The Mircrostream is not a very bright flashlight compared to many of the 200+ lumen tactical lights that are on the market.  However, it is very compact and inexpensive, yet still uses quality construction to make it water resistant and impact resistant.  It puts out only 28 lumens with a single AAA battery.

    MSRP for the Rogers’ Rail Light is $48, which is substantially cheaper than many gun-mounted light options on the market.

    Richard Johnson

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