BHI Arms AR57 Rifle

    Remember that AR57 upper from Safir Arms from last week? Well when I was wandering around the 2014 SHOT Show I ran into Blackheart International (BHI) who was showing off their second gen AR57 rifles, which are a full pound lighter then their first gen AR57 rifles. The actual AR57 upper chambered in the FN 5.7x28mm round is produced by AR Five Seven at and BHI pairs them with their own lowers. BHI has them available in a few various configurations. The Mil-Spec2, their entry level rifle with a 16″ fluted barrel and mil-spec Gen 2 lower with a total weight of 6.15lbs. The S2, a lighter version with 16″ fluted and free floated barrel, Magpul CTR collapsible stock, Geissele Super Dynamic Combat trigger, Stark SE-1 pistol grip, and Wolff springs with a total weight of 5.91lbs. Both the Mil-Spec2 and S2 are available in SBR configurations as well with 12″ barrels and all their rifles also feature bottom ejection via the magwell.

    All of the AR57 uppers are milled from one-piece 7075 T6 aluminum and have side and lower Picatinny rails, as well as a front and rear top rails for sights and optics. They also feature an ambidextrous magazine release/detention system and include one FN P90 50 round magazine. The Mil-Spec2 retails for $1411 and the S2 for $1721.


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