Arsenal Strike One Available Q4 in Europe

    Arsenal Firearms (officially: Arsenal Firearms Group of Companies) is expecting approval from the ATF this year, of the AF-1 Strike One pistol. However, this doesn’t mean it will be available on the US market in 2014. The lucky honor will first go to Italy, where Arsenal has one of their companies, with a rough estimated price of $4,000 for the Ergal models (frames made of aluminum 7075). Sales in Italy are expected in Q4. From the link:

    The Ergal Strike One will be available to the world markets from fall 2014 in limited quantities, for the very selective competition shooter and collector alike, at a street price in the 3.000 € class (4.000 USD).

    Per Arsenal Firearms, the polymer framed model is expected to sell at $800. I have not heard a release date for these yet. At $800 I’d definitely be interested, this is the only recent pistol that has me truly curious.
    2014arsenalstrike (2)

    The current version of the firearm was only shown in this SBR conversion (the AR type stock was labeled as “FAB Defense”). I was told the other display models are all first generation type. They were not interested in answering questions about the detailed changes to the current version.

    2014arsenalstrike (3)
    More information about the pistol itself can be found in a previous article on TFB. With its locking block mechanism and horizontal trigger, it isn’t like other handguns on the market.


    I have been very interested in this design but can’t dismiss my disappointment at hearing the price point for the first run in Europe. I can’t say what that means for the actual price when it enters the North American marketplace, but if it can prove itself as a Ferrari of the handgun market, it may still sell here.

    Some of the aluminum framed models were also on display. If you are even still reading at this point.

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    2014arsenalstrike (4)

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