M249 SAW 10/22 Kit and Hypergat Trigger System

    Down in the lower levels of the SHOT Show is where you’ll usually find newer and smaller companies. While I was browsing I stumbled upon a booth from Flashco who were showing off their new M249 SAW conversion kit for the Ruger 10/22. It’s made of both metal and polymer materials and weights in at 12 pounds, it also comes with a collapsible stock and bipod. The booth rep claimed it took no more than 30 minutes to drop in your 10/22 rifle. It retails at $599.95, a bit more than buying an M249 airsoft donor rifle and custom making one yourself.




    Their M249 SAW kit also comes with another product they produce, called the Hypergat trigger system, which is also sold separately at $49.95. It’s pretty much a rapid fire trigger attachment that’s powered with the guns recoil, or externally with a drill from what I can gather. I’m honestly still a bit confused with exactly how it functions, the few videos I was able to find about them were a bit vague (see below). Anyone ever use one of these? Hypergat claims their trigger attachment will allow the shooter to fire their gun at between 600 to 1000 rpm and is ATF legal. Checkout their website at Hypergat.net for more info.


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