Sharps Rifle Company: An American Classic

    Ah the Sharps rifle, my nemesis. I say this because every time I am at the range shooting for distance, there seems to be an older guy or two shooting cast lead ammo through a Sharps using tang sights and black powder loads who make me look like a complete noobie. That being said, to me the Sharps is the most beautiful single shot breech loader to ever grace our planet.

    While SHOT definitely has its fair share of tactical type guns, there is a section for stuff like this that I had to drool over. The rep laughed when I expressed my anger at being outshot by Sharps on numerous occasions but was happy to answer all my questions and tell me about his product line.



    Various barrel lengths and calibers are available, and can be specified by the customer. Also, you can opt for either traditional case hardening or a fancy chemical case hardening that produces spectacular designs.




    Yes, I’ll take a .50-100 please!

    A smattering of peep sights are also available:



    I have always wanted to get into long range black powder shooting, and I know when I do it will be with a Sharps. After all, those old guys who outshoot me at the range always tell me that smokeless poweder is just a fad!

    Alex C.

    Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.