Mossberg 715P .22 LR Pistols

    Mossberg 715P

    Mossberg is now selling a pistol version of the company’s 715 .22 LR rifle.  The new 715P pistols use the same action and magazines as the rifle, but in a pistol configuration.

    Even though the 715P looks like an AR-type gun, it is not.  The exterior is simply a plastic shell that gives the gun its appearance.  None of the controls are the same as an AR pistol.  The magazine release is a lever mounted on the magazine well and the safety is a cross-bolt style.  The charging handle is on the right side of the gun, not at the rear of the receiver.

    Mossberg 715P Duck

    The 715P uses an aperture style sight, and the barrels are equipped with a flash suppressor.  Guns can be equipped with an optic by mounting it to the Picatinny rail on the top of the plastic shell.  Models with 10-round and 25-round magazines are available.  Duck Commander versions are also available in camo.

    Richard Johnson

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