KRISS Private Shoot: A Look At What’s New

    The good people at KRISS were kind enough to extend an invitation to me to a private shoot they were hosting here at a range they rented out to demo their new products for 2014. I also managed to swindle an invite for my friend Chris who has helped me out with numerous articles (who has been so taken with KRISS products that he has signed up to become a dealer). If you recall, we teamed up with them for a three part series on the Vector that was a lot of fun for all parties involved.

    The booth they had at SHOT was impressive and showcased some new and exciting products:


    I also got to reconnect with Mike, who was present for out three part series. Here he is showing me the new stock adapter for the Vector that will allow any and all AR15 stocks to be used on the Vector. This one is equipped with a Magpul UBR, which was very cool:


    Also at the booth was the full Sphinx lineup, including two new Defiance suppressors with built in nielson devices:




    The sub-compact has been approved and is ready for sale, but the full size gun is still waiting on approval from the Firearms Technology Branch of the ATF.

    Anyways, KRISS had a private car waiting to take us to “Machine Gun Vegas”, a range they had rented for the week. Several products were on display, and the range staff consisted of beautiful, yet knowledgeable females:







    On the range they had plenty of ammo for us:


    An employee was giving us a quick rundown of the new stock adapter and a few other things (Chris had never shot a Vector):




    Even though he had never shot a Vector, Chris turned the target into Swiss cheese, as did I:



    I took a quick video of me shooting as well, but unfortunately my speech got interrupted by gunfire:


    After the Vector I was eager to try the Sphinx sub-compact and full size (I have a thing for full size pistols as I use to shoot IDPA quite a bit):


    We got a quick rundown:


    And got right to it. Let me tell you, these suckers are accurate!


    We were also surprised when the new suppressors were on the range, as well as plenty of sub-sonic ammunition:

    IMG_4204 IMG_4148

    I have shot a lot of suppressed pistols in my day, but the Sphinx with its internal frame rails and tight fitment make it a joy to shoot. Many pistols blow plenty of burnt powder in your face when you throw a can on, but the advertised “Swiss Precision” must come into play here, as my face did not get peppered with debris. The one complaint I have is that there did not seem to be raised sights available to compensate for the suppressor interrupting the sight plane but this is easily remedied.

    All in all I am excited about the new Sphinx pistols and I know when the full size hits the streets, I will be a few dollars poorer!

    Alex C.

    Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.