ELCAN Specter TR 1-3-9x – SHOT Show Optic Preview

    Armament Technology Inc., the distributor of the ELCAN optics, unveiled the switchable ELCAN SpecterTR 1-3-9x gunsight at SHOT Show 2014. With a MSRP of $3100, the new ELCAN SpecterTR competes against the new high-end 1-8x scopes with the traditional scope design.



    Like their popular DR 1X/4X model, the new ELCAN SpecterTR is also utilized a prism based optical design. The new TR model features a switchable 1x-3x-9x magnification. Similar to the DR model, there’s no in-between in each of those three magnification settings.



    ELCAN only uses the best German glass in their sights. While the new TR model retains the ELCAN signature external adjustment base, it have been upgraded to use the MIL system. Each click is now 0.1 MIL of adjustment. The ELCAN SpecterTR offers a true 1x magnification.



    The new SpecterTR uses the standard CR2032 lithium battery instead of the lesser common DL-1/3N battery. The reticle is illuminated in all three magnification setting. At the 1x, the reticle is a daylight visible red color dot. At the 3x and 9x magnifications, the whole reticle is illuminated. The ELCAN SpecterTR will be offer with two different reticles for the 5.56mm caliber w/ BDC to 800 meters, and the 7.62x51mm NATO version w/ BDC to 1000 meters.



    Instead of the lever on the DR model, the new TR uses a large dial on the left for changing the magnifications. The same dial also switch the reticle illumination type between the each magnification settings. There’s also the possibility of having a different QD mounts on the production model. For the new TR, Armament Technology and ELCAN are no longer restricted to use the unpopular ARMS QD lever, which is an US military requirement on the previous ELCAN sights.



    The ELCAN SpecterTR is significantly longer and heavier than the 1x/4x model. The TR is 10.4 inch in length and weights in at 30.4 ounces with the integral external mount base. However, the ELCAN SpecterTR is slightly shorter than other 1-8x scopes and the weight is comparable when a heavy duty SPR rings is added to those.

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