SHOT H&K Interview With President, Wayne Weber (Lots of Pics)

    The H&K booth at SHOT was busy as could be, and they had their entire product line on display including the Grenade Machine Gun. I was lucky enough to talk with Wayne Weber, the H&K USA President for a while but HK PRO Member Anthony.L sat in on a morning interview with Mr. Weber and recorded the whole thing. The photo above is me with Mr. Weber. Here is the interview:

    Anthony posts:

    “10:00AM this morning there was a media event just for members. Probably 25+ in attendance. Wayne Weber who is President of H&K USA was on hand and personally answered questions submitted by the group here. Below are the answers I recorded. These are his direct quotes, not my interpretation or second hand info.

    1. No civilian MR556A5

    2. No civilian MP7, may be considered in the future

    3. No civilian MP5 full size

    4. No civilian UMP in either SBR or 16”

    5. Yes to civilian G36. Availability 1-2 years from now, price target is $1700 range! He definitely said below $2k.

    6. Yes to civilian SP5K Pistol (modern SP89). Availability 1-2 years from now, no word on price.

    7. No to civilian SC5SD, can not import.

    8. Subcompact P30 is coming, Wayne said hopefully within calendar year 2014.

    9. Striker fire pistol is in the works, no more details.

    10. G28 accessories (stock, rail, etc) for the MR762 are coming. The G28 stock is available now as it ships on the MR762 LRP package.

    11. No match triggers for MR556, MR762, P30, or HK45 series

    12. MR556 SBR or standalone MR556 10″ upper is being considered, no further details

    13. No HK 22LR conversions in the works. Wayne backed up their licensing agreement with UMAREX USA.

    14. Wayne hinted that UMAREX USA might be working on a MP7 in 22LR…

    15. They are hoping to increase availability of roller lock *parts* for legacy guns.

    16. The MRP762 LRP package started shipping from the factory two months ago, and continues now (one on display in the booth).

    17. No plans to change the MR762 platform to accept standard AR10 magazines. They hope to increase the volume of the HK 762 magazines to bring the cost down.

    I ran into Wayne Weber off to the side solo, and he’s the nicest guy, extremely easy to talk to and professional. He says he’s a huge fan of the civilian consumers and trying his best to bring stuff to the market for us. Wayne also told me would like to do more events for the consumers like a web cast to answer questions directly.”

    We would very much like to thank Anthony for letting us use this information.

    Also, here are photos I took of the product line:

















    I will publish another post about the new suppressed keymod rifles. We have some great information on them and even greater photos!


    Also, while not at the HK booth, I got to fiddle around with this little number:



    Tom Bostic made XM8

    Stay tuned for more on the HK suppressed rifles.

    Big thanks to Anthony for the help here!

    Alex C.

    Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.