Idleback Shooting Chair All Of The Way From England

    Idleback Shooting Chair for Varmint Hunters

    England has sent its throne over for the varmint hunter. I saw this chair in the new product booth and was determined to check it out. Yes this is outside of the box of most products on this blog but the varmint hunting sport is a large community.  I am used to the bulky swivel shooting bench. It has a large slippery table and although it swivels it is not very personal. Idleback from South Yorkshire England has made a comfortable and completely adjustable shooting chair.

    Constructed in a very lightweight but strong powder-coated aluminum the Idleback is collapsible in to a medium sized duffel bag. The tripod legs anchor in to the ground and do not move. Period. The seat is adjustable in height and distance forward or back. The “bench” or rest is on an arm that snugly fits your rifle and can also be adjustable to your height. You adjust this portion first to your comfort and then you work with the arm rest. The arm rest extends and pivots to fit under your arm pit. The chair swivels 360 degrees smoother than any I have used. I literally

    The small duffel it collapses in to

    The small duffel it collapses in to


    felt no tension while sitting in position. For the varmint hunter or even safari photographer, there is an option of camera mount, this shooting bench/chair system is the bomb. Price is around $500. Their website still has price in pounds but they will give you exact details when you contact them. I predict you will be seeing these in a Cabella’s or Bass Pro soon. Let’s welcome this British bench in to our world.

    Anette Wachter –

    Anette Wachter

    From Seattle, WA, Anette is a Member of US National Rifle Team, 3 NRA national records 300 yards, 2014 – 3 National Team Palma Championships.
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