Sig Releases the P320, First Striker Fired Sig Pistol




    Yesterday, Sig announced the Sig P320, a polymer framed, striker fired pistol.  Many know Sig has, up to this point, always been a hammer fired pistol so this is a definitely a break from their normal design.  The pistol will be available is 9mm, .40S&W and .357Sig, with a .45ACP coming later in 2014 according to the Sig rep I talked to this morning.  The pistol comes in two sizes which are called Duty and Carry, and can be converted back and forth depending on the need with the purchase of the additional slide/barrel combo.  The Duty has a 4.7″ barrel while the Carry has a 3.9″ barrel making it more suited to concealed carry.  Both options come standard with Sig-Lite night sights.


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    Many know that I am a huge fan of Sig for their quality and because they work well for people with large hands like I do.  The P320 is no exception, and feel great in the hand just like any other Sig would.  The polymer is lighter, and the bore axis on this pistol is not quite as high as something like the P229 or P226.  The slide is smooth operating, and the slide release is firm, but very easy to release with a simple flick of the thumb.  The trigger was not quite as impressive as the rest of the gun.  To me, who is used to a very smooth trigger on a Sig, the trigger felt mushy, and had an almost non-distinct break to it.  This could be due to the fact the pistols they had were some of the first made, and the trigger is not as refined as it will be in the future.  Reset on the trigger was also felt mushy, and seemed to lack a distinct reset point, which again could be limited to the demo pistols.

    The MSRP for the P320 is $713 for either size.