SIG SAUER P320 Pistol In 9mm, .357 SIG & .40 S&W

    The SIG P320 is SIG SAUER newest modular double-action striker-fired pistol. The P320 has been designed primarily with one thing in mind: convince law enforcement organizations to buy it. At the heart of the SIG P320 is the internal stainless steel frame assembly. The assembly houses the trigger group and contains the firearm’s serial number. Legally speaking, the internal assembly is the firearm. The frame assembly drops into one of three grip modules. The polymer grip modules (what we would normally call the ‘frame’ if they were serialized) vary in grip circumference (a small, medium and large). The grip module contains a cut out so the assembly serial number can be seen externally.

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    There are two barrel sizes, each being available in a threaded or non-threaded variant. The barrel lengths are 4.7″ for the Full Size model, and 3.9″ for the Carry (compact) model. Two slide assemblies are available in either the Full Size or Carry size. Two triggers are available, a standard trigger and a tabbed safety trigger (think Glock-style trigger). They both break at 5.5 lbs. The magazine capacities are 17/15 rounds of 9mm and 14/13 rounds of .357 SIG and .40 S&W for the Full Size/Carry magazines.

    Steel internal frame can be seen inside  polymer grip.

    Steel internal frame can be seen inside polymer grip.

    The most heavily marketed feature of this gun is the “5-point safety system”. The five points are …

    • A striker safety.
    • A disconnect safety.
    • Takedown is prohibited without removal of magazine.
    • Takedown is prohibited without the slide being locked back to the rear.
    • Rotation of takedown lever without tools or trigger manipulation.

    Other safety featured touted are …

    • Tabbed trigger safety (optional)
    • Ambidextrous manual safety
    • Loaded chamber indicator
    • Magazine disconnect safety


    Not all of these features will are demanded, or will be appreciated, by consumers but should be very popular with law enforcement organizations looking to limit liability (and who don’t want to spend money on better firearm training).

    SIG are selling both the full size and carry models for $713. At the moment no size/caliber conversion kits are listed on their website, but I am sure these will be made available in time.

    Photo © Bryan Jones

    Photo © Bryan Jones

    Photo © Bryan Jones

    Photo © Bryan Jones

    Photo © Bryan Jones

    Photo © Bryan Jones

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