Lancer Releases L7AWM Magazines & New Rifles

    Lancer Systems, generally known for their innovation in AR15 magazines has released a new line of .308 magazines for 2014.  The L7AWM magazines are 7.62×51 (.308Win) and feature a steel insert that helps to keep the magazine rigid, but also forms the feed lips to help with magazine longevity.  The rest of the magazine is made from the same polymer as the L5AWM and can be had in either translucent or in solid colors of black, FDE, OD and Foliage green.


    They are based on the SR25/DPMS platform rifles and will fit any of the rifles patterned after the SR25.  The L7AWF magazines also feature a drain in the floor plate for water that can also be closed in dusty conditions.  Initially released in 20rd capacity magazines, a release of 5rd and 10rd magazines is planned for mid-2014 for those in states with magazine capacity restrictions.  Also being worked on currently is magazines with “higher than 20rd capacity.” According a the Lancer Systems rep I talked to this morning.  According to their press release, the higher capacity versions are planned for late-2014.

    Also, to accompany the L7AWM, Lancer Systems has released their own line of large frame AR platform rifles.  Their new L30 platform is large framed, and available in several calibers, including .308Win.  They have five differnt rifles, all for different applications.  The LTR is their long range system, which also features their newly designed muzzle brake.  The DMR, or medium range system designed as a designated marksman type rifle.  The Heavy Metal is their heavy battle rifle, the Hunter is designed with sportsman in mind and lightened to make carrying the rifle in the field easier.  Also on the list is the MBR 16, a battle rifle with a 16″ barrel.  All of the L30 based rifles will be available for retail in late 2014._DSC1791 _DSC1796