Cabela’s 3X Tactical Prism Sight – SHOT Show Optic Preview

    For just $250, Cabela’s Tactical 3X Prism sight is great bargain for shooters that are on a budget.



    The field of view is 35.4 feet at 100 yard. It’s not bad but not as large as the premium prism sights like the Trijicon or ELCAN. Optically, the Cabela’s 3X Tactical Prism sight is very good. I would say it’s better than majority of the budget scope in its price range. The included slotted screw mounting base is basic but it’s serviceable and it can be replaced with an ACOG comparable 1913 sight base.



    The Cabela’s sight has the standard AR-15 sight height. The adjustment turrets offers 1/2 MOA per click and it’s not capped. The sight housing is aluminium and it has two removable short rails mounted at the 2 and 10 O’clock positions.



    The reticle is simple yet it offer BDCs up to 600 meters for the 5.56mm caliber. The reticle illumination is daylight visible. I have found the red color illumination is brighter than the green color. The battery life from the single CR2032 lithium battery is not great but the reticle will just turn back when the illumination is off.

    Cabela 3X Tactical Prism Sight SpecĀ 


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