SWORD International Mk18 “Mjolnir”

    While most companies are now making a variation of the AR platform in .308, other companies are beginning to push that boundary further still by building AR platforms in .300 Win Mag.  Then there is S.W.O.R.D International that decided to skip the new .300 Win Mag bandwagon and go straight to the .338 Lapua for their large(er?) frame AR.  While not an entirely new concept, very few companies out there have ventured into the .338LM field.


    The MK-18 is a self regulating gas piston system, sports a 26″ Lothar-Walther button rifled barrel, 10rd magazines, Keymod rail system, and CMC enhanced 3.5lb trigger system.  While some might think that an AR platform rifle shooting .338LM might weigh close to 20lbs, I actually found it to be quite manageable, and as it was built for SHOT it weights right around 15lbs and is very well made.  One feature that has been designed into the rifle has a system that allows the user to either take off or install the forward assist, based on their needs.  To top the rifle off is an in house made muzzle brake capable of helping to tame the .338LM for the AR platform.


    The rifles they had with them are still in the final stages of development, but I am told that they will be starting to take orders in around two months, with shipping of the system beginning in April.  Also in the works is a family of rifles based around the same parameters as their Mk18.  In the works is the Mk17 is planned to be their .308 platform, and rounding out the group will be a rifle, yet to be designated, in 5.56 NATO.

    No MSRP has been released at the time of publishing.