Sig MPX Submachine Guns

    Who doesn’t love a sub-gun? Blasting through cases of cheap pistol ammo is my favorite way of turning money into noise, and I imagine with the new Sig MPX series that amount of fun would be amplified.

    The MPX is an extremely compact, magazine fed, selective fire SMG that fires from a closed bolt, and is extremely suppressor friendly (which seems to be the selling point). Of course the MPX has been spotted before in the hands of Sig employees and at shows like SHOT, but I figured I would give my impressions of the weapon system.

    First, the MPX comes in two flavors: Regular and kurz. Both are very lightweight and I could see myself competing quite well in a sub-gun match with them. Here is the larger gun with a suppressor installed:


    For those familiar with the AR platform, you will feel right at home on the MPX. The charging handle, mag release, bolt catch, and selector are all right where they should be. Also the stock is quite sturdy considering it is a wire design.

    As for the kurz model, everything is the same, but shorter as the name implies:


    While short, it isn’t MP5k short. Here is me with each gun so you can see how more or less each sizes up:



    My smiles always look so forced.

    Each gun was insanely light, and I would say the suppressed full size MPX is as light as a 9mm UMP (if not a tad lighter).

    Now usually mini and micro SMGs compromise shootability for compactness. While the MPX Kurz is no exception, I did find it easier to point and manipulate than an MP5k PDW with a castle rear sight and clumsy stock/foregrip:


    I will do whatever it takes to get a demo-letter for a post dealer sample, as they are just too damn cool!

    For information about the civilian legal MPX, click here!

    Alex C.

    Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.