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    Mega Arms Built In Level

    I have said this before, that there are a million AR manufacturers out there. Every so often one jumps out at you with an idea that is out of the box. I ran in to the MEGA-ARMS team at the airport on the way in to Shot. Another great company from my area of the NW  and they told me I had to come by their booth and check out some new items. Their 5th year exhibiting at Shot and they bring fresh new ideas each year. This year’s new product is a genius idea called a level. You have heard of this? Well not like this one you haven’t.

    The Megalithic Tactical System is a level that is hidden in between the upper receiver rail and the hand-guard rail. One easy twist and pull and it slides out to the side in perfect view as you are in position on the cheek weld. I thought the scope was going to block my view of it but it is positioned perfectly to view it with your external eye at the same time as looking through the scope. I have seen levels put in to the stock just before and under the scope but not like this. The ones on the stock are so close to your eye that if you are far sighted it is just a blur. I need reading glasses these days so it just disappears. With the Mega system it is clear as day. Having a level on my front iron sight for long range I know how useful it is. A slightly non level sight picture can move my shots left or right. When I am trying to hit one MOA at 1000 yards with iron sights that detail is very important. It is all in the details.

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    Anette Wachter

    From Seattle, WA, Anette is a Member of US National Rifle Team, 3 NRA national records 300 yards, 2014 – 3 National Team Palma Championships.
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