Hornady RAPiD Safe, Hands on

    In October Hornady announced several products, including their new RAPiD Safe, which is safe that can be used to rapidly deploy a handgun in an emergency. The safe when opened is spring loaded, and deploys the handgun in a sleeve for a optimal draw and fast deployment. The RAPiD Safe is a perfect beside safe that can be used to keep your defensive handgun away from children, or even from being stolen in the event of a break in.

    The RAPiD Safe can be opened in several different ways.  There is an RFID wrist band, that when worn on your firing hand can deploy the handgun almost right into your hand.  There is also a proximity card, and RFID keyfob that all work in the same manner.  Also, on the safe is a large button keypad for a combination.  Power is supplied by a 110v wall plug in, and in the event of a power outage there is a 3 AA backup battery system.  As a last resort, for those of us that might not replace batteries as often as needed there is also a key provided that can be used to open the safe, and does not require any power.

    I can definitely see myself using this system to secure my handgun, but still be able to get to it.  Also you can buy another wristband for you spouse in the event that your spouse would need to access the safe quickly.  The safe a good weight, and with the ability to bolt it down, or use a cable lock with it offers an unlimited amount of configurations, so there is a way to set it up that will work for you.

    The RAPiD Safe weighs 15lbs, and can be bolted to a bed, bedside table or whatever the user can think of in order to be able to rapidly access the safe if needed.  MSRP is listed at $276.67, and is available at several online retailers for varying different prices.