Cobra Marine Shotgun

    Cobra Marine Tactical 12ga

    TriStar Arms introduced a new tactical shotgun at the SHOT Show called the Cobra Marine.  The shotgun has an 18.5″ barrel and is finished in brushed nickel.  It has a synthetic stock.  The forearm has a Picatinny rail allowing for the addition of a white light or other accessory.

    The Cobra Marine is a pump gun with a return spring.  After being pulled to the rear, the shooter can let go of the forearm and it will slide forward and chamber a shell.  The gun has a 3″ chamber.  MSRP is $369.

    Cobra Marine Tactical Pump Features:

    • Brushed nickel finish
    • Spring-loaded forearm for fast cycling
    • Picatinny rail on forearm
    • Blade front sight
    • 5-round magazine (shot plug included)
    • Chrome-lined chamber and barrel
    • Swivel studs
    • One Beretta® style choke tube (Cyl)
    Richard Johnson

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