TargetViewer, Remote Target Viewing

    I was able to test a new target viewer at the annual SHOT Show Media Day at the range today, and one that looks to answer a lot of the nagging problem that long distance shooters face.  In the past there have always been three options.  Shoot and walk down to the target after several strings, shoot steel which provides feedback that can be seen or heard from the line, or build your own remote system. Building your own long range video system are nothing new, but can be costly and require a lot of equipment to bring out to the range and set up.

    TargetViewer is a WiFi enabled camera system that connects back to a base unit, then creates a Wifi hotspot to connect to and view the video feed, which can be viewed on any android or or iOS device. The resolution is high enough that you can zoom into the target, and see the impacts on your tablet sitting right beside your rifle.  This system comes self contained in its own pelican case, with everything in the case needed to make the unit function, just supply your own viewing device.

    This unit is not bullet resistant, so you may not want to take it to a busy public range because there is always “that guy” who will see something new on the range, and just have to shoot it to see what it is.

    Where this system shines is the distance they are claiming that the camera will transmit up to 1,760yds.  That’s right, they are claiming 1 mile with nothing more than the camera and base unit.  As tested today the unit was at 300yds, and the picture was crisp and very easy to see on both a large iPad screen, but also on a smaller iPhone screen.  The claimed battery life for the camera is 16hrs, which is impressive for a transmitter capable of 1 mile of color video transmission.  Last impact data will be coming in the future via an app update, and through 3rd party app development anything is possible including last shot indication or even group size measuring, all from the shooting bench.

    There are also several options for the system, including pan/tilt/zoom capabilities, larger battery with a solar panel.  TargetVision is also working on a remote target changing system that is able to remotely change targets out to 1000yds.

    The MSRP to this unit was $1,295 as tested, and with various different models and features goes can go as high as $2,295.  While the system is a little steep price wise, this is the first system that comes in a very simple package that can be deployed and used very quickly without too much fuss.  Looking at their Indegogo campaign, a unit can be had for much less then the MSRP if you donate in the next 45 days.

    Their websites are: