SAR Arms ST9 – First Impressions

    SAR ST10 pistol

    The SAR Arms ST9 is a polymer-framed, striker-fired pistol that is made in Turkey.  While at Media Day, I had a chance to shoot one for the first time.  The pistol I shot was chambered in 9mm, but I was told by a company rep that the company also makes the gun in .45 ACP.

    The gun felt a little large in my hands, perhaps a little larger than a Glock 17 grip, but not as large as a Glock 21.  Recoil was quite mild – a combination of a large frame gun with the relatively tame 9mm.

    SAR ST10

    Trigger pull was smooth, with a clean break and a very positive reset.  The reset distance was short and there was a distinctive feel when it reset.

    Due to the time restrictions on the range, I was only allowed to shoot one magazine.   I did not experience any malfunctions with the gun.  I watched two other people shoot the same gun, and none of them had any failures either.

    SAR ST10 shooting

    The sights were visible and hitting steel at 15 yards was not a problem.

    My initial impression of the ST9 is positive.  I’d like to shoot the gun a lot more before I endorse it for self-defense or other uses.

    Richard Johnson

    An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is