PCP Polymer-Cased Ammo Review

    The folks at Lukcygunner have reviewed the new PCP Polymer-Cased .308 Win. ammunition. The idiom “Damned by faint praise” comes to mind. The company is marketing this as a premium brand and it needs to shoot like a premium brand. Civilians are less concerned about ammunition weight than the military. On the other hand a Remington VTR (in its much criticized factory stock) is probably getting 1.5 MOA at best anyway. Accuracy comparison should be done with either a more accurate stock rifle or an accurized rifle (getting off topic here but a Remington 700 can easily be made more accurate by the addition of an HS-Precision stock and Timney trigger. Total upgrade cost about $550). Chris’ video review is embedded below …

    What I find especially interesting is the lower chamber temperature. I am not sure how they are achieving this. Older polymer case ammunition historically left the chambers to hot and at risk of cook-offs.

    Steve Johnson

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