SIG Sauer P290 RS in .380 ACP

    P290 Nitron

    For the new year, SIG Sauer will introduce a new caliber to the P290 RS line: the .380 ACP.  Other than the caliber, the new .380 guns will be very similar to the existing 9mm P290 RS pistols: double-action-only, hammer fired and on a polymer frame.

    The guns will come equipped with SIGLITE night sights, and a laser option will be available.  Magazine capacity will be six rounds.

    Having shot a P290 RS in 9mm, I am willing to say the .380 ACP pistol will be a very light recoiling handgun.  While I would prefer the gun in 9mm, I understand there are some recoil sensitive people who prefer the less powerful round.  My only concern is that for many who need a lighter recoiling round, the gun makes no other concessions for someone with diminished upper body strength.

    MSRP on the new P290 RS will be the same as the existing models: $570.

    Richard Johnson

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