Manta M700 Sound Suppressor Covers

    manta cover

    Advanced Innovation and Manufacturing announced the company will be selling Manta M700 suppressor covers in 2014.  The covers are designed to fit over 1.5″ diameter suppressors and protect the shooter from being burned.

    According to the company, the covers will also reduce the IR signature of the suppressor.

    The M700 covers can be trimmed to fit short suppressors, or linked together for longer ones.  This allows the shooter to custom fit the cover to his or her rifle suppressor.

    The below video shows the M700 in use.  It definitely looks like it does what it claims.

    No MSRP has been announced.  While the initial suppressor covers will fit 1.5″ cans, the company anticipates releasing additional covers for other popular suppressor sizes.  A variety of colors are expected to be offered as well.

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