The New Leupold TS-32X1 Reticle


    Leupold announced a new reticle that is designed to help shooters make precise shots using holdover rather than dial adjustments.  The new reticle is called the TS-32X1.

    According to Leupold, it works in this way:

    A heavy post and thin stadia crosshair features 1-MOA hashmarks on both the horizontal and vertical lines. Every other hash mark on the horizontal stadia is slightly longer, providing quick and easy 2-MOA measurements. Every four MOA is indicated by a number.

    The vertical stadia is also set up with 1-MOA tics and longer 2-MOA marks. In addition, every fourth mark is numbered, all the way to the complete 32-MOA elevation range. Wind dots in the lower half of the reticle are spaced in 2 MOA increments, both vertically and horizontally.

    The TS-32X1 reticle is available as an upgrade to new scopes ordered through the company’s custom shop.  The upgrade will cost $129.99.  Older scopes can be retrofitted for $159.99.  The reticle is currently available for the VX-3, VX-III, Vari-X and Mark 4 4.5-14 LR/T scopes.

    Richard Johnson

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