Frankenruger Mk II Kraut

    TroubleshooterBerlin has designed yet another nifty gun upgrade. Being a fan of the classic MG42/MG59/MG3 design he decided to adapt them for the Ruger MkII .22 Pistol. It can take both Ruger MkI and MKII magazines. He initially wanted to just create a new grip, but decided to modify the internals. Internally only the hammer, hammer spring and sear are what remains of the factory trigger group. The ambidextrous safety now also functions as a bolt stop/release. I think it looks awesome.




    I asked if this mod would be exported to the USA. He told me that because the changes to the frame are extensive, it would probably have to be exported as a firearm and this is to much of a bureaucratic/expensive task for him. Ideally this would be a job for a smaller manufacturer in the USA who has the ability to CNC a MKII frame from scratch. I hope a company picks this up. I want to shoot it!

    Steve Johnson

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