AR-15 Barrel Cooling Fins

    Here’s something for the AR-15 that’s a bit, different. Called the AR-fin, they’re just what they look like. Fins for your AR-15 that supposedly helps cool down your barrel. They’re made out of .030 stainless chrome alloy and are precut to fit 6.7 inch 2-piece quad rails. They go for $39.95 plus $5.95 shipping. If you plan on picking up one of those TacCon “full-auto” triggers these fins might actually come in useful during mag dumps. Anyone think they’ll actually work?


    The latest accessory for your AR15 from SUNPOWER SYSTEMS it’s called AR-fins.
    Made from .030 stainless chrome alloy that is practically rust proof, and YES it cools your barrel. This serrated pattern is designed for maximum heat dissipation used in Hi-tech heat exchangers. AR-fins are a two part system a primary rap around the barrel and a secondary sheet for added cooling.

    It fits in all 6.7 inch Quad Rail Carbine Length 2 Piece Drop-In Systems.
    AR-fins weigh only a few ounces and installs in minutes and LOOKS GREAT.
    We utilize a precision crush fit using your Quad rail for maximum contact with the barrel and thus alleviating any possibility of rattle or noise from the fins.

    It is a simple law of thermodynamics, when you increase your surface area you can dissipate more heat. By installing AR-fins you increase the surface area fivefold, just look at a CPU heat sink for example. The serrated pattern of the AR-fin gives you more surface area than a heat sink with only a few fins. In addition the thinner the material the faster the heat dissipation.

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