Hi-Viz Camo Shotgun Sights


    Hi-Viz Shooting Systems announced a new line of camo patterned shotgun sights will be sold in 2014.  The camo sights will use fiber optic rods like the standard sights the company sells.

    Three models will initially be available:  TriViz, BirdBuster and Remington ETA.  The TriViz uses a front and rear sight assembly and is windage adjustable.  The BirdBuster is a front sight with a magnetic base to allow for the quick installation on a venter rib, and even movement of the sight from one gun to another.  The Remington ETA is similar to the BirdBuster, but build specifically for the Remington ribs.

    Richard Johnson

    An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.