Foxbeard Tactical Magpul PMAG Aluminum Base Pad

    Aluminum magazine base pads are pretty popular for competition use, but it seem like no one makes them for the Magpul PMAGs. Foxbeard Tactical is trying to crowdfund one they’ve designed over at Just $20 gets you one of their aluminum base pads if they hit their target of $5,000. Would you use one?


    From their page

    We realized the need for an aluminum basepad for the AR-15 Magpul magazine (PMag) and set out to create the best one possible. Coming from competition backgrounds we both use aluminum basepads on all of our pistol mags, but for some reason nobody uses them on their AR-15 magazines. The benefits of a custom basepad include faster dropping on mag changes, a beveled rear edge for stabilized prone shooting, a sturdier grip for mag clearing drills, “holes” for mag numbering, and a more durable material that will hold up better to repeated landing on gravel, concrete, etc. We thought of it all and created a package that looks good and serves many purposes in one and now we need YOUR help in bringing this product to market.

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