SIG Sauer’s SIGM400 “Muddy Girl”

    SIG has a new AR-15 featuring Magpul furniture and “Muddy Girl”, a camo scheme which sort of cuts the difference between the traditional-black black rifle finish and the in-your-face-bright-neon-pink finish. Forbes’ Vice blogger Susannah Breslin spoke to the Moon Shine, who developed the camo

    “We wanted to do something that didn’t have to be restricted to mimicking nature,” explains Mattern, 42, a hunting and motorsports enthusiast. Armed with his past experience as a designer and an architecture degree from Pennsylvania State University, he set out to design an eye-popping “lifestyle camo” for outdoorsy women. Previously, other brands had simply slapped a pink background behind their camouflage for men. Muddy Girl, one of four Moon Shine camos, combines hot pink and purple, the neon trend, and a thicket of bramble to alarming affect.

    On an unrelated note. I have trouble understanding why guns are considered vice by the mainstream media. Can an activity that millions of young children and their parents do in public each weekend be considered in the same category as illegal drugs, illicit sexual activity, pornography and other criminal activities? Sigh….

    Steve Johnson

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