Australian Authorities Confiscate Rare Submachine Guns

    The Australian police recently raided a property and discovered a large cache of over 300 weapons. They discovered everything from Enfields to AK-47s. Among these guns were two rare Australian submachine guns.

    The first, the Owen submachine gun (the gun pictured above), was developed for Australian troops during World War II. It was, like many of its contemporaries, a simple 9mm blowback gun that fired from an open bolt.

    The Owen gun was replaced by the Australian F1 submachine gun during the 1960s. The F1 one pictured above(third from the right) appears to be suppressed. This is either a very rare and undocumented model,

    Hopefully the Australian police are wise enoughto recognize the historical significance of these guns and will donate them to museum rather than destroy them.

    Thanks to Jin for the tip and Nic Jenzen-Jones for identifying the F1.

    UPDATE: Fixed post.

    Steve Johnson

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