Sure-Draw Momentary Glock Safety

    In my experience, people’s attitudes towards gun safeties depends on who taught them to shoot. One of my earliest memories of shooting is being told that external safeties cannot be relied upon. Consequently, I don’t use them very often (preferring muzzle control and trigger finder control instead).

    Folks from the military, where the use of a safety is emphasized, frequently have the opposite opinion to me. Back when the Glock was introduced many law enforcement agencies switched to the safety-less Glock. Recently I have noticed that many departments are switching away from Glocks to polymer pistols, such as the S&W M&P, that do have external safeties (and don’t require pulling the trigger to disassemble). Glock does make a pistol with an external safety, the Glock 17S, but it is not available to the general public.

    A company called SureDraw has produced a “momentary” Glock safety. The safety device replaces the  Slide Cover Plate at the rear of the slide. It consists of a button that activates the safety only when it is depressed. Unless the operator is actively pushing the button, the safety is disengaged. This means it does not compromise the “always-ready” feature of external-safety-less pistols. The below diagram demonstrates …handpic

    The safety can be pre-ordered for $29.95 from the company’s website.

    Do you think this is something that police departments will use?

    Steve Johnson

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