Archive: November, 2013

Cooper Scout Rifle Concept

A true Cooper Scout Rifle has been on my list of guns to buy since I first read about the concept, but something always came along that I “needed” more. Over at AllOutdoor, Major discusses the Scout concept … Much has been written about Jeff [Read More…]

New Gamo C-15 Air Pistol

Gamo has announced their new powerful C-15 Air Pistol, designed for plinking and training. It fires Gamo PBA Platinum .177 pellets (4.7 grain / .30 gram) at 450 fps. That is a significant amount of muzzle energy, far to much for play shooting at humans [Read More…]

The TOFYJ-30 Project

A very prominent member of the /k/ weapons board (anonymous forum) sadly passed away recently. In tribute to his friend, a member of /k/ is designing a rifle that can be built entirely of handtools. His design is a straight–pull tactical-looking rifle which can be [Read More…]

Norinco Type 97 Bullpup

Sure-Draw Momentary Glock Safety

In my experience, people’s attitudes towards gun safeties depends on who taught them to shoot. One of my earliest memories of shooting is being told that external safeties cannot be relied upon. Consequently, I don’t use them very often (preferring muzzle [Read More…]

The Recoil Rail

The folks over at Arklatex Tactical came up with this nifty accessory called the Recoil Rail. According to them it helps dampen felt recoil allowing for faster target reacquisition after firing. It’s made out of CNC machined billet aluminum and weights in at 7.6 [Read More…]

Four Barreled Edge Arms Reliant Derringer

Edge Arms debuted their new Reliant Derringer handgun at the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW) expo. The four barreled/four shot derringer features a DAO trigger with a rotary firing pin. It has a hard coat anodized aluminum frame, a phosphated [Read More…]

GSG Target 1911 .22LR

American Tactical recently introduced the new GSG Target 1911 chambered in .22LR. American Tactical is the exclusive importer of the new GSG Target which features a new target-style wood grip, adjustable rear sight and magazine extension. As with other models of the GSG [Read More…]


New ProGrade Hog Hunting Ammo

Montana-based ProGrade Ammunition will launch a new line of hog hunting ammunition in 2014.  The new ammo will be available in 14 calibers with a total of 28 different loads.  There will be handgun and rifle calibers included in this line. The Hog Grade ammo will use [Read More…]