Archive: October, 2013

A New Shooter Joins Our Ranks

Casey writes … I spent the weekend with a good friend doing some shooting on the range, and he took the opportunity to introduce his son to shooting for the first time (he’ll be two next month). I obtained permission from the parents to submit the photo, [Read More…]

Knob Creek ’13- A German MG 34

The Maschinengewehr (MG) 34 is a historic machine gun that was introduced to the German army in 1934. Recoil-operated and air-cooled, the MG34 shoots the 7.92×57mm Mauser cartridge. Now, you have to be careful when shopping at the Knob Creek Machine Gun shoot [Read More…]

Knob Creek ’13: An $80,000 rifle

While the Knob Creek Machine Gun shoot is known for all the machine guns here (which I’ll get to in subsequent posts), I had the pleasure of holding the most expensive gun I’ve ever held and so I wanted to write about it first. Appraised at $80,000, this [Read More…]

sight bloc

Sight Bloc

The Sight Bloc from Range Systems is a recycled rubber product that acts as a rifle rest.  The Sight Bloc adjusts to three different heights. The Sight Bloc is said to be very durable and according to the company, it “will not freeze, absorb water, or decompose, [Read More…]


A TFB reader was shooting reloaded ammunition at the range when his AR-15 blew apart. The case head failed and the escaping gas split the upper receiver in two and blasted all it components out. Fortunately he was uninjured. As always, be very careful when reloading!