Y-man coming again to the USA in early 2014!

    Well hello. Y-man here again. Hope y’all doing well.

    I will be coming to the US again in early 2014, yay! I am meant to attend a work-related seminar, conference kind of thing in the USA in late January, early February, and I look forward to adding on a few days of my overdue vacation time.

    A LOT of shopping needs to get done, and now that I have discovered the miracle of Amazon, wow, filled suitcases here I come! When I was in Atlanta in February this year, it was such a great time with being able to purchase many, many things I had always dreamt of owning. I “raided” Amazon, practically “lived” in Wal-Mart for a few days, and was very regular in Best Buy almost every day.

    It is not as bad here as it might seem, my country is opening up more and more, but definitely NOT for firearms. We have several websites operating here now that we can buy things online, we have several companies now here where we can pay (On delivery only!) for items they bring in from the USA, Britain and of course China. And we can make online purchases on Amazon, (Banks here have been able to link our local currency; the Naira, directly with the almighty Dollar now! I can buy apps, books, iTunes music, software, etc. directly online, using out of my Naira funds in my bank account via a MasterCard Debit card! It’s all GOOD!)

    In the US, I plan to get myself a few tools, a DeWalt 18v Drill Driver (My Bosch stopped working) a few SHTF items (Camping stove, camping cutlery, rough weather wear etc.) and of course, clothes and books for my growing kids.

    A “friend” needed some advice, and I told him I know the perfect group of the best people on earth to tell “him” what he needed. “He” might be in the US soon, I have no idea where “he” is coming from, but he hopes to get some items when over there. He plans to visit Bass Pro shop, and indulge a little on Amazon and possibly get himself a holographic sight and MAYBE a Black Aces Full Length Quad Rail for a Mossberg 500 12 ga Shotgun (Coincidence!)

    Black Aces Rail

    As well as a Mako UAS 500 Folding stock …

    Mako Stock

    So, what do you guys think of these or what do you suggest “he” gets instead?

    So, back to my upcoming trip. What do you guys suggest? I hope to enjoy myself, visit a few ranges, and have fun. What do you suggest? Any pointers? I have been in Orlando and Atlanta before, very nice, but if you guys have any ideas, I would appreciate! Let’s just say I am quite flexible with my time, and can get to any suggested/ invited place that is not too far…It is possible that I hear the call of Las Vegas!

    Who knows, I may get to visit the SHOT Show then, what do you think?

    No new Shotgun updates at the moment, but

    1. I have improved my Lyman slugs a bit more, glue-filled cavities instead of the plastic balls (I was getting shredded wads.)
    2. I have now started putting over-slug plastic disks to help open up the roll-crimp properly.

    Once I have the chance, I will do some more testing and share with all.

    But if I may, let me leave you with a crazy DIY trick I completed a few days ago. I needed to file something fast and evenly, and I do not have a “dremel” type tool. So I did this 5-minute DIY hack. And it works!

    DIY (1)

    DIY (14)

    DIY (15)

    DIY (3)

    DIY (4)

    DIY (5)

    DIY (6)

    DIY (8)

    DIY (9)

    DIY (10)

    DIY (11)

    DIY 12


    Y-man is based in a firearms-restricted environment in West Africa, he is really interested in shotguns [Which is all he can legally get], and he makes the best of whatever he is able to lay his hands on in terms of DIY and improvising.

    He did have some training at an early age attending military school in his country, including some weapon training…

    He always appreciates all your advice, comments and feedback.