Hand built submachine guns seized in Israel / Palestinian territories

by ImproGuns
An improvised submachine gun – formally bearing a plastic handle from an electric drill.

Pictured are various simple hand built submachine guns primarily recovered by police in and around Haifa District. Yet more examples of how an infinite supply of cheap and effective firearms will always be available to criminals and the wrongfully disarmed.


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  • Bfj Bfj on Oct 28, 2013

    These look similar to a kit gun I saw online the other day. Can't believe some people actually build and shoot these. http://www.buildyourownfire...

    • EETPMC EETPMC on Nov 25, 2013

      @bfj Wow, that website is a total rip off of Orions hammer website. That guy is the one who made it and his build details are shown on the weponeer forums, as well as being documented on youtube.

  • Meljones45 Meljones45 on Nov 06, 2013

    I found a booklet a number of years ago that the local library was removing from their collection titled "Improvised Weapons of the American Underground." I have since loaned it out, but I remember it containing two variations of submachine guns. One was called a simple "Grease Gun" while the other was the "Zip Gun." One of the photos looks like the Grease Gun. Apparently, they are super easy to build, however, these aren't a replacement for your range gun. These will probably only fire once, but under any circumstances you would need these are surely to do seriously localized damage to escape such a situation that would warrant their use in the first place.

    • EETPMC EETPMC on Nov 25, 2013

      @meljones45 Desert publications right? Their designs are actually a bit more complicated than necessary, but nevertheless effective. There are tons of homemade firearm builds for any firearm you want, including DD such as mortars, grenade launchers, dillon mini guns, it all depends how much your manufacturing skills are, how good your google searches are, and if you want to break the law to begin with.