V7 Weapon Systems: A New Gun Parts Manufacturer

    Joel Allen, who was the lead tech at Noveske Rifleworks from when John Noveske founded the company up until, has started his own gun parts manufacturing business called  V7 Weapon Systems. From the companies about page …

    It all started back in 2000 when a young man named John came into Joel’s shop for supplies, after recently deciding to start a gunsmithing business in his dad’s garage.  After one passionate conversation about Christ, country, and guns, an instant brotherhood was forged.  The two young men, with wives and babies in tow, were inseparable as they combined forces to take over the world. After countless hours in the shop, blood, sweat, and tears, a legend had been born.

    After losing his best friend & brother on January 4, 2013, Joel Allen began a new chapter.  One that unfortunately no longer includes Noveske.  And so became V7 WEAPON SYSTEMS.

    Joel, his wife and a handful of other talented and experienced individuals from the AR-15 industry have been working around the clock to get the foundations laid for a new company in the world of firearms. With V7 WEAPON SYSTEMS now up and running full speed ahead and Mr. Allen’s years of experience at the top of the AR industry, the V7 team is excited to start bringing life to his vision of creating quality parts and developing new products for the AR platform.

    Our company believes that weapons and their components should be made of the highest quality materials and workmanship.  We expect our products to perform exceptionally well for our customers.  We design them to be the best in form and function.  This is why we offer a 100% lifetime warranty on all parts manufactured by V7 WEAPON SYSTEMS.

    The company is making AR bolts, buffer tubes, pivots pins and other parts, apparently with many more to come.




    Steve Johnson

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