Manticore Arms ARClight Tavor Rail

    New from Manticore Arms is their ARClight rail for the Tavor bullpup rifle. The ARClight, or Advanced Rail Chasis-lightweight, rail replaces the Tavor’s polymer forend and allows you to mount lights, lasers, grips and other accessories to your Tavor rifle. It comes in two trim levels, the naked kit includes just the handguard. The fully loaded kit includes one short aluminum 5 slot rail segment and one long aluminum 11 slot rail segment as well as a light ring to mount a 1″ weapon light within the handguard. The rail is also compatible with Magpul MOE polymer rail segments as well as most Impact Weapon Components Mount-n-Slot accessories.


    The ARClight rail is made in the USA out of anodized aluminum and weights in at just 4 ounces, that’s 2 ounces lighter than the polymer forend that comes on the Tavor. The ARClight rail naked kit retails for $165 while the fully loaded rail kit goes for $225. Check them out at

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