NordArm’s M14 Picatinny Rail With Integrated Bipod




    Estonia is not a place I would have associated with the M14, but apparently the rifle has become very popular in the country. In the early 2000s the US government gave Estonia M14 rifles and their troops fell in love with them.

    The Estonian military equipment manufacturer Nordic Armoury OÜ (NordArm) has developed a slick looking picatinny rail for the Estonian troops in Afghanistan where the M14 is issued to each squad’s designated marksman. The NordArm rail features a full length (500mm) rail along with an integrated bipod. The bipod “swings” freely around the bore axis for greater stability on an uneven surface. The bipod legs are six position adjustable.


    Below are photos the company sent me of the rifle being used in Afghanistan.

    M14 AFG

    M14 AFGNordArm_DSEi2NordArm_M14_rail


    The a version of the rail is available without a bipod. We do not have pricing or consumer availability yet.

    Steve Johnson

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