Knob Creek ’13- Suitcase machine gun: MP5K


    Pictured here is a full-auto MP5K in 9mm. Obviously this isn’t any normal configuration. It’s in a suitcase made by Hofbauer in Germany and is valued around $2,000. Contrary to some info out there, the suitcase by itself is not an AOW, according to my contact at the NFA-TCA, a firearms trade group.

    The suitcase has a spring-loaded safety that must be engaged before pulling the trigger in the suitcase handle. The rounds eject inside the suitcase so there are no shells left behind.

    Apparently the suitcase is difficult to shoot if you are holding it like a normal briefcase, and you could easily shoot yourself in the leg without proper training. A more secure way is to hold the suitcase on your waist with the muzzle end pointing away from you. This way, your waist absorbs the recoil and gives you more control.




    Chris Cheng

    Chris Cheng is History Channel’s Top Shot Season 4 champion and author of “Shoot to Win,” a book for beginning shooters. A self-taught amateur turned pro through his Top Shot win, Cheng very much still considers himself an amateur who parachuted into this new career.

    He is a professional marksman for Bass Pro Shops who shares his thoughts and experiences from the perspective of a newbie to the shooting community. He resides in San Francisco, CA and works in Silicon Valley.