Kalashnikov negotiating joint venture with Beretta.

    RIA reports that hot on the heels of a joint venture with Steyr and Glock, Kalashnikov is negotiating a joint venture with Beretta

    Russia’s nascent small-arms holding Kalashnikov Concern is in negotiations with Italy’s Beretta on the establishment of joint ventures in Russia, a senior government official said Thursday.

    Beretta, which also owns the Benelli and Tikka brands, is in talks with the Kalashikov Concern on setting up a joint venture to manufacture hunting and sporting weapons, said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who oversees the defense industry.

    I am sure that having their guns assembled in Russia allows the foreign gun companies to bypass a lot of stringent weapon import regulation. Beretta, Steyr and Glock all own factories in the USA to bypass BATFE import restrictions and to satisfy military procurement requirements.

    Steve Johnson

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