Heizer Defense files lawsuit against Doubletap Defense

    Heizer Defense Pocket Shotgun

    Heizer Defense are suing Doubletap Defense in Federal Court, claiming ownership of patent No 8,495,831. This patent was applied for by DoubleTap Defense in 2011 and approved by the USTPO earlier this year.

    Heizer Defense and Doubletap Defense collaborated on the design before falling out and going their separate ways. Doubletap Defense is selling the Doubletap pistol and Heizer Defense will soon be launching the Heizer Defense Pocket Shotgun, both are based on the same basic design.

    From Heizer Defense’s press release …

    In a continued effort to protect their product development and engineering efforts, Heizer Defense, LLC has filed a complaint in the United States District Court for ten counts.

    This includes declaration of inventorship and transfer of rights for patent No 8,495,831 and for the declaration of invalidity and unenforceability, or alternatively correction of inventorship and transfer of rights for design patent No. D686,685.

    We would expect the lawsuit to establish, among other things, that Charles Heizer, Founder of Heizer Aerospace, is an inventor for this patent.

    The defendants of the complaint are Doubletap Defense LLC, f/k/a Heizer Technologies, LLC; Central Holding Corp.; Raymond Kohout, and Marvin Dufner.

    The parties have agreed to mediation that is scheduled to take place in November.



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