3D Printed Pepperbox Pistol

    Remember the 3D printed “liberator” pistol? Then there was the first 3D printed rifle. Here’s an interesting new 3D printed firearm that actually looks somewhat useful. Hexen developed this single-action, manually-indexed pepperbox pistol dubbed the “Reprringer”.

    The compact Reprringer pistol is a five shooter with stainless steel (unrifled) barrel liners and is chambered in .22 CB Cap (or 6mm Flobert), which is basically a trimmed down .22 long rifle case, lightweight bullet and a primer with a muzzle velocity between 350 to 700ft/s. Hexen even created a nifty 3D printed ammo holder and unloading tool to remove spent cases. While the Reprringer is still a work in progress, it shows just how quickly 3D printed firearms have progressed over the past year.



    Ray I.

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