Spartan Accuracy Oil

    MSS oil

    Modern Spartan Systems (MSS) announced a new gun oil called Spartan Accuracy Oil.  MSS states:

    The proprietary formula uses Nano Shield™ molecular particles with heat activation to penetrate and fill in pores and gaps in the metal substrate. Effectively, microscopic mountains are reduced to flat plains, minimizing the points of contact. The smoother, harder surface has been shown to reduce friction by up to an astonishing 85-90%.

    The use of nano particle technology seems to be part of a trend in the gun oil business.  Products like Rand CLP and Evergreen Firearm CLP both claim to use nano particles in various ways to increase lubricity and reduce wear.

    MSS oil

    Take a look at the video published by MSS below.  Perhaps some of the engineers who read the site can chime in on the validity of the testing.  Is this a good test of these oils?

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