Found In A Storage Locker

    A reader from Washington State who buys the contents of abandoned storage lockers, in the hopes that he can sell them for a profit, recently purchased a locker at auction for $90. Among this locker’s contents was a .22 single shot pistol wrapped up in newspaper and stuffed inside a cloth bag. He took the pistol to a couple of local gun shops who told him it was homemade. It only contains one marking: “A 367”.


    It does not look homemade to me, but it does look like it had been subjected to DIY gunsmithing and that some of the screws are not original. Can anyone identify it?

    The reader does not know what to do with it and is thinking of turning it in at the next police gun buy back in his area. On a side note, he thinks he will be able to sell the contents of this particular locker for $500. A very nice profit indeed.



    Steve Johnson

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